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Taking part

Team Members
A team is made up of two students with a combined minimum age of 26 years. Each team will consist of one Russian speaker and one non Russian speaker.

For example, with a combined age of 26 years, you could have two thirteen year olds competing. Other combinations such as 11/15 year old or 12/14 year old are also possible. Of course, a team can also exceed a combined age of 26 years, for example teams of 15/16 year old, 16/17 year old etc are also possible. Please note that it is a requirement that all participants are still students by November 2012.

Russian speakers
All young people who are learning Russian are considered Russian speakers irrespective of whether they started learning Russian in the 2011/2012 school year or have been learning Russian for several years. It is also irrelevant whether they are taking a regular course or are part of a Russian school club. Students from a Russian speaking background (which includes native Russian speakers) are also invited to take part as Russian speakers in the team. Each team member can play the board game ˇNew Amici! At their own level.

Non Russian speakers
All young people who are not learning Russian at school (as a subject or in a school club) or privately and who have never learned Russian are considered non Russian speakers. Students without a Slavic language background who are not learning and have never learnt any other Slavic language count as non Russian speakers in our competition.

Team registration
Each school should enter a minimum of 4 mixed teams (a total of 8 students) to register for ’Learn Russian the fun way’. Since all rounds are played as knock outs, it’s advisable to have a specific number of teams for example: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 etc. In principle, it is also possible to play with a different number of teams.
Registration of participating schools should be made to the German-Russian Forum . When you register, you agree to hold the School Rounds of ’Learn Russian the fun way’ at your school. You will receive all the necessary materials required to do this from the competition organiser.
If you are new to the tournament, we will also be happy to provide contact details for experienced participants. A tutorial on how to play the game can be found on our homepage and also on YouTube.
Further information can be found on our FAQ page.