German Pages of Bundescup „Spielend Russisch lernen“


We would like to thank the sponsors of the competition 'Learn Russian the fun way' 2013:

GAZPROM Germania
GAZPROM Germania has decided to get involved in the competition because we are convinced by the idea of engaging young people to learn Russian in a fun way. By employing games, sport and language we are able to reach young people effectively and promote intercultural exchange in many ways. The final of the state wide competition is brought to you by the initiative of GAZPROM Germania in cooperation with FC Schalke 04 at the Veltins-Arena; because energy connects people.

More games and activities from GAZPROM Germania including all the need to know information on sporting events can be found here

In addition to numerous projects in education and sport, GAZPROM Germania is also investing energy in varied Russian, youth and culture themed activities. In sponsoring a German-Russian festival and Russian film week in Berlin, GAZPROM Germania is supporting projects that make a modern and open-minded Russian accessible to a young audience. Together with the German-Russian Forum we have established the online platform ‘Kulturportal-Russland’ (portal to Russian culture) which creates national interest in the Russian culture and reaches out to our Russian friends.

In addition, GAZPROM Germania supports German nurseries and schools in assisting in integrating children from other countries and also sponsors Russian lessons. With the assistance of the Russian Youth Exchange we would like to offer young people from both countries the opportunity to converse with each other, establish contacts and create friendships.

More information on GAZPROM Germania’s cultural involvement and events can be found at

The following is a small selection of projects that GAZPROM Germania sponsors:

Deutsch-Russische Festtage, 2008 (Foto) Deutsch-Russische Festtage, 2008 (Foto) Russische Filmwoche in Berlin, 2008, aus dem Film „Plus 1“  (Foto) Deutsch-Russische Festtage, 2008 (Foto)


Cornelsen – the publishing house for educational media
Cornelsen has a history of commitment in foreign language learning. Franz Cornelsen founded the Berlin publishing house in 1946 with the aim or making a contribution to international communication and today the Berlin publishing house continues to encourage young people to learn foreign languages. The leading publishing house for educational media supports the competition ‘Learn Russian the fun way’ and as a partner of the competition, Cornelsen is offering exciting prizes to the winners.

Lernidee Trains and Cruises
Lernidee Trains and Cruises began more than 25 years ago with a Russian course on the iconic Trans Siberian railway. The idea of making language courses more interesting and offering an impressive travel experience was born. This tried and tested concept continues to this very day. The Berlin based company transports travellers to every continent, often travelling cross country by train or ship but always travelling in style. Lernidee Trains and Cruises support a range of social projects in its destination countries in close cooperation with several organisations. In addition to offering train journeys on the Trans Siberian railway, in Asia, Europe and Africa, Lernidee Trains and Cruises also specialises in river cruises on the Mekong, South America and also on the great Russian rivers. Since there’s a lot to experience in Russia and knowledge of the language can help people to communicate when they are there, Lernidee Trains and Cruises is sponsoring the competition ‘‘Learn Russian the fun way’ and is offering the first prize winners the opportunity of a trip to Russia.

¡New Amici!
The Norwegian musician Lakki Patey came up with the idea for the board game ¡New Amici! on his travels: he wanted to create a platform where people could compare notes on their knowledge of a language in a fun way, irrespective of their own language, culture or age. After ¡New Amici! was released in Norway in 2002 to great success, it was later introduced to the German market. There are now eight German versions of the game and the German-Russian version was released in 2006.