German Pages of Bundescup „Spielend Russisch lernen“

Regional rounds

All winning teams from the School Rounds will be invited to one of the 16 regional rounds at the beginning of October. The same rules apply, which means the teams will play each other in a knockout competition. All players in the regional rounds receive exciting prizes. The regional winners will be invited to the grand final at the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen which is anticipated to be at the end of October/November.

In the regional rounds there are new game cards! (ORANGE TEXT BOX)

The regional rounds will take place in 16 locations around Germany. Once the winners of the school rounds have registered, these venues will be decided so that travel times and expenses are kept to a minimum for both organisers and participants. Individual teams may be invited to a regional round in a different state if it is closer to them.

Coordination of the Regional rounds
If a school would like to do extra to promote Russian, they can apply to coordinate a regional round and create a programme for learning Russian around Russia! We will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas in collaboration with the Foundation for the German Russian Youth Exchange.

”In today’s global society, a knowledge of foreign languages is becoming an ever more important part of a professional career. I am pleased that you are promoting the Russian language through this competition and bringing young people closer to the language.” Christoph Matschie, Minister of the Thuringia Mininstry for Education, Science and Culture in the Land of Thuringia