German Pages of Bundescup „Spielend Russisch lernen“

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The grand final

In the final there are new game cards!

Learning Russian and football?
Thanks to our main sponsors Gazprom Germania, and in association with Schalke 04, the final of ’Learning Russian the fun way’ is taking place in the Gelsenkirche ’Veltins-Arena’. This enables us to offer not only an attractive venue but also an exclusive programme that is valuable to both Russian and not yet Russian speakers alike: All finalists are invited to experience a live FC Schalke 04 home game and will receive a look behind the scenes during a stadium tour. Teachers who have organised school rounds and whose school winners are amongst the finalists are invited to accompany them to Gelsenkirchen!

The final will normally take place in the last weekend of October. The schedule is dependent on the German league (Bundesliga) football programme and the schedule may be announced at relatively short notice. Participants will be the winning teams of the Regional rounds. The knockout system will also apply in the final. Game leaders comprise of referees trained specifically for the competition and accompanying teachers, who declare themselves to act as referees. All finalists will receive a prize to be awarded in Gelsenkirchen. The overall winner will receive a trip to Russia.