German Pages of Bundescup „Spielend Russisch lernen“

Abbreviated version of the rules

Two person team
Nobody plays alone, as there are always two players playing together in a mixed team! One person per team knows Russian but the other doesn’t! Two teams each with two players respectively, play against each other. The game is led by an impartial party!

Answer questions together
The game is played on the board game ˇNew Amici!, which is also suitable for beginners. The game consists of questions to be answered. According to the space the player lands on, they either receive vocabulary questions (numbers, expressions of time, verbs etc) or questions on Russian country, history or culture. Each player throws the dice only once! If the player answers a question correctly, he receives a point but may not throw again. This applies throughout the whole game. For each correct answer a point is awarded! The game has three different levels of difficulty. The first level is only for team players with no knowledge of Russian!

Three stages
In the first stage, Russian words are translated into German. If a team collect 5 points, of which the non Russian speaker has contributed at least 3, the team starts stage 2. Now German words are translated into Russian. In the same way, 5 more points are collected. In the stage 3 the dice is not thrown, the team is tested on the Russian they have learnt during the game: Each of the team player must once again answer all the questions that were posed to him during the game in succession. Throughout the whole three stages the Russian player may answer twice on behalf of his team member!

The winning team is the one who passes all three stages successfully!

[download full Rules (German)]