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Apply to be a referee for the 2012 competition! (ORANGE TEXT BOX)
The training for referees ensures that playing standards are the same in all games. For the past three years, trained referees have been used at the regional rounds and at the final. This has proven to be a success and this year students and players from previous competitions, teaching staff and other interested parties may also apply.
You will need a good knowledge of Russian and a readiness to participate in the Germany wide regional rounds that take place from August to October. The German-Russian Forum will bear costs for travel and board and where necessary for accommodation. Exceptionally dedicated referees will be at the final in Gelsenkirchen!

  During the training project leaders and referees who have already undergone training will present the game and the rules and will report on their experiences. Of course time to play the game is also scheduled!

Referee training

  • Likely to be in Berlin und Bochum in June, depending on the number of applications, other additional training in other locations may be arranged

  • Applications to be sent by the middle of May by post or by email to:

    Susanne Wunderlich
    Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V.
    Schillerstraße 59
    10627 Berlin
    Tel: 030/ 263907-13
    Fax: 030/ 263907-20
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